Lili, recently hired as a CDD and Conflicts Analyst at Macfarlanes.

Rates Jump.Work 9.5/10



What excites you most about the role you're about to start?

I’d never heard of Macfarlanes before I applied for the job but I’m really pleased I did apply. All the feedback from other people in the law industry has been really positive about Macfarlanes so I know I’m in a good place.

The firm is very professionals and the benefits are great too! The catered restaurant is a big plus. All these small things will make my life easier.


How was your experience with Jump.Work in finding a job?

The whole experience was very professional and seamless. Everyone in the Jump.Work team was super responsive.

Overall, the experience was great. Keep up what you’re doing!


How did you find Jump.Work compared to other options you've used, e.g. job boards, or agencies?

The communication between Jump.Work including the scheduling of interviews was very easy. With recruitment agencies, this can sometimes be really difficult.

It was also really flexible. All interviews were done over the phone or online and that’s a big plus. It’s really hard to find the time to get to a recruitment agency office in person and sometimes not a good use of my time.

I liked the follow-ups your team did - the questions and the feedback were really helpful. That’s a definite plus vs others. I didn’t feel like ‘just a number’, it felt like Jump.Work genuinely cared.