Introducing the new sign up and job application feature for Professionals.

Do you remember the days when application processes were a combination of frustrated grunts and slamming down on your keyboard?

You’d be required to fill in every detail about yourself, down to your address and high school graduation date. Despite filling in all this information, the process would still require you to upload your CV and an appropriate motivation letter.

Quite frankly, the process was tedious and painfully time-consuming.

Worry no more, however! Jump.Work, in its aim to revolutionize the recruitment process, has done away with the age-old “info, CV, motivational letter, address, DOB, Maiden name” scheme of things and has introduced the new and easy sign-up application feature.


The new application flow will make it easier to apply for a job


The new application process, which should last no longer than 10 minutes to complete, will include short concise questions - often answered with just a click on a box - intriguing quizzes and an optional CV upload.

We only ask you what we need to know, to keep the application time as short as possible. Signing up for the platform is a lot faster and by the time you're done, we're already able to start matching you to relevant jobs.


You have more information about the job, and about what's expected of you


The job descriptions are short and concise, and summarize the main tasks and obligations you will carry out in your task.

Beyond job tasks, the new feature lets you know the location of the Business, calculates the distance between your home and the Business using your postcode and confirms whether you’d be ready to commute or not.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.46.53.png

You'll take any necessary assignments there and then


The easy to complete quizzes and test questions allows you to summarize your competencies and abilities into one assessment form.

That way, once you've applied, we'll have a very good idea of whether this is the best job for you.


It's purpose-built for mobiles


The new application feature is also available on your mobile phone. If you’re on the go or are more tech savvy on your mobile phone, the application feature is accessible at your fingertips, anytime, everywhere.


Outline your preferences in the application


You'll update your preferences as part of the flow, so that we'll be able to offer you the most suitable jobs as soon as they become available. From your preferred salary, to your preferred commuting distance, these preferences will be useful in alerting you to future roles that align with your pre-selected preferences.


Get matched to new jobs


Once you get through the application process, the platform has already gathered all your preferences. The data extracted allows us to alert you of future jobs that match and are compatible to the preferences you already filled in. We will alert you to these roles via your profile’s dashboard and via your email.


Share your feedback


We’re always trying to improve your experience on the platform so we'd love to hear what you think about this new feature and if there's anything else you'd like to see. 

We're all ears.