How Tech Nation hired an Exec Assistant with the right skillset for their CEO

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The background

Tech Nation is a newly established, high profile government organisation. It provides a network for ambitious tech entrepreneurs to grow their businesses faster. 

Chief Executive Gerard had a great EA, Lindy, who was promoted to Operations Manager due to her hard work. Now they were in need of a replacement quickly. Being an EA is tough at the best of times, but supporting the diary of a busy public figure is on another level. Due to the complex nature of the role; liaising with high level government bodies, business and startups - the role was extremely challenging to hire for.


The problem

Tech Nation started their search through direct job boards (Reed, Indeed etc.), but discovered that many of their applicants were unsuitable. They were overwhelmed by candidates with irrelevant experience. 

Their next step was turning to agencies who sent candidates that were great on paper, but lacked the correct skills and competencies for the job. Tech Nation needed a solution!

How Jump helped

Luckily, Lindy found Jump and thought she’d give it a go. Our conversational job platform was able to use the exact characteristics Tech Nation were looking for to find the best candidates on the market. She posted the role and within a week 8 great matches were found for review. 

After first round interviews, Tech Nation found that some of these candidates were too junior for the EA role. Another Jump feature come in very handy here; Lindy and her team gave feedback on the Jump platform, and were interviewing top EA candidates (with just a little more complex diary management experience) within days!

The results

  • Within 2 weeks, Lindy found someone in time to move in to her next role. The new hire, Amanda, was a perfect fit, and moved effortlessly into the EA role. 

  • The hiring process took significantly less time, which freed up time for the team to focus on their day to day tasks. 

  • As an added bonus, Tech Nation saved over £5000 on agency fees by using the Jump platform.

“Jump is a really cool talent platform and we are super impressed with the unique approach of matching candidates with companies” - Lindy Pyrah, Senior Operations Manager

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