Personalise your search using the new Jump jobfeed

Gone are the days of annoying signup requirements to view jobs or only being able to see a certain portion of them on a website. With Jump’s new open job feed, you can now view all available jobs that we currently have on our platform. New jobs are posted daily and all new job opportunities will be posted here. 


See all the latest jobs in one place

The Open Job Feed feature allows you to view all available jobs, without being signed in or logged in. You can easily apply directly from this page.


Filter jobs based on your needs

You can now filter the roles according to location, sector, salary, and, wait for it, contract type and employment type without signing in. Location can similarly be set to a particular city, for example, “London”, or set to a particular postcode, for those specific searches.


Easy access on both desktop and mobile

The feature is accessible both on your desktop and on your trusty mobile. With the open job feed, you can access all jobs, filter them according to your sector, location, and preferences at any time and at any place.

Find the job feed here


Share your feedback

We're always trying to create a superior experience for Professionals on the site and the open job feed is one step closer to that (with many more exciting things planned). 

Let us know your feedback -

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Happy hunting!