The GDPR Compliant Hiring Platform

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A common question that we get asked…

Is of course, whether Jump is GDPR compliant. There is a simple answer which is “yes”.

Data is at the core of what we do at Jump, and it’s an integral part of our mission. Our end goal is to help our user get more personalised advice, whether that’s for their own career or their business hiring, by sharing more information about themselves.

We believe data can enable us to bring more opportunity into the world of work, and help people and businesses reach their full potential. Whereas big job boards attract lots of mismatched applications that businesses have to filter through, Jump's conversational hiring platform is targeted at attracting the right professionals in the first place - by helping them understand what could be a good fit for both their interests and skillsets.

It’s no wonder it’s been such a popular topic on our blog.

But, don’t you already have a privacy policy?

Of course we do, and you are very welcome to read our full privacy policy and be up to date. But who has time for that?

Instead, to make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a short summary in a dedicated whitepaper on Data.

Click here to download the whitepaper

Handy, as you can also download it and share it with your colleagues in Legal, IT or Compliance. This short whitepaper covers the main points to consider when looking in a new software, including what data we collect on users, how Jump remains fully compliant with GDPR regulations, and our precautions around data security.

Interested in learning more?

We’re always happy to have a chat on all topics data, and feedback, as always, is very welcome.

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