Jump is Powering a Recruitment Revolution at Kennedys

Kennedys, established in 1899, is one of the UK’s leading law firms, with more than 2,000 people in 22 countries. As a rapidly growing business, Kennedys’ recruitment team had become increasingly stretched and desperately needed a new way to tap talent quickly and cost-effectively.

That’s where Jump, the world’s first conversational job platform, came in! Today, Kennedys uses Jump to engage and hire the right individuals for all of their paralegal and business support roles. 

We spoke to Kennedys HR managers, Laura Cramphorn and Holli O’Brien to ask them how Jump has revolutionised recruitment, using Artificial Intelligence and Behavioural Data to become a recruiter’s best friend.

“Jump has been absolutely fantastic: the results speak for themselves” 

Initially, Holli was skeptical about the potential impact of Jump, as “we get lots of emails from agencies, from job boards, from technology providers”. But, “since using Jump we have been able to tap into markets, people and locations that we wouldn’t have been able to attract before”.

Laura explained that, “3 years ago, it would have taken a lot of time for the recruitment team to trawl through applications, as we would have had to do an awful lot of that screening ourselves”. 

But now, with the innovative introduction of the platform, “it’s as simple as releasing our role to Jump and then we have a match. There’s no job board searching, there’s no advertising, or any internal resources required. And we’re confident that the candidates put forward match”. 

At Kennedys, as with any other expanding firm, HR had been faced with a stark decision: they needed to recruit for roles very quickly, but they were unwilling to compromise on the quality of candidates. Laura explains that since Jump screens candidates for them, matching individuals who share Kennedys’ vision and values, the platform “takes a weight off of our shoulders”.

Jump is changing recruiting. If you’re keen to hear more about how it has transformed the hiring process at a global law firm such as Kennedys, just click here to chat to JumpBot.